Do you want to book her for a special event?

If you are wondering about what she sings, find here about the different shows that Penélope already offers. You can hire her alone or with a band, anything from 4 instruments to a 12 musician ensemble. She is happy when challenged to do special tributes of different singers.

Mexican Folklore & Latin Rhythms

Certainly it has become one of her most popular shows in Loreto. Penélope offers a good mix of bolero songs from the 50´s, with her uncommon contralto voice accompanied by a digital keyboard and carefully selected backing tracks. Mexican folklore well known songs accompanied by a Spanish guitar and a melodic horn that ad an interesting  kitsch touch, ranging from flamenco to classic instrumental. The perfect combination for any event where you want to highlight the Mexican influence.

This can be a solo singer performance or a two musician show when accompanied by the soulful guitarist Erick Veloz (Jam Black), a talented young musician with a remarkable level of accomplishment in his particular and beautiful style.

Rock Oldies, Balads & Blues

A great selection of classics from 40´s, 50´s, 60´s y 70´s a repertoire that goes from the most romantic ballads to joyful swing and rockabilly, in the  pure style of «Back to the Future» this song selection will make anyone go back in time to a prom party, this performance is always regarded as fun, romantic and memorable. A show intentionally designed to entertain all ages with songs that have been top 20 list for generations.

Like the other shows this can be performed by Penélope alone or accompanied by awesome and talented musicians such as: Alfredo Rocha, Marco Barahona, Ruben Bareño, and many others.

Jazz Standards

An exquisite show ideal to be performed with any amount of musicians. Standards that go well with any exclusive or sophisticated ambiance often desired by bohemian bars, galleries and restaurants. Bossa jazz, swing, blue note, even a little of 80´s, gypsy jazz, latin swing, long notes, slow swing, trad jazz accompanied by Penelope´s contralto deep voice and her digital keyboard. According to the specific needs this show can be instrumental or with voice, and it can be grow to a Big band to please the most demanding tastes.

This show can be played alone by Penny or with a whole band with guitars, winds, keyboard, drums and even more…