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I was born in Mexico City a November 26th in the 80´s decade. I am the second of three daughters from the loving marriage between  José Luis Anaya Ramírez landscaper-agriculturist & Teresa Contreras fitness instructor. The most important people in my life are my sisters, my parent, my nieces and Mariana.

My biggest passions in life: Music, followed by paint, sculpture, sports & riding my motorcycle. I consider myself a restless free spirit. I don´t care for social stereotypes.  I am immensely fortunate because I do what I feel passionate about, I don´t ever spend a day without feeling surrounded by love; that is what fuels my life therefore I truly believe that: Without love anything else seems irrelevant and pointless.


  • Visual Arts & Art Appreciation at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Bursa, Turkey.
  • Graphic Design at UNLA in Morelia, México.
  • Audio Engineering & Music Production workshop taken with Professor Fernando Salgado.
  • Sound Recording workshop in a studio advised and endorsed by Alan Parsons in Mexico City.
  • Studied music theory, vocalization and music fundamentals at ProArte academy in Guadalajara.

In more recent years I have been fortunate to enhance and broaden my musical experience through joined participation with teachers and great musicians such as: Franco Lugo Montreal, Eddie Lara (director of ProArte), Eduardo Melgar, Erick Veloz, Christian Jiménez, Malena Zamcedi, Alfredo Rocha, Steve Bezdeka, Steve Brown, Terry Townsend, Herzon Rivera, Michael Hoover among others.


I am very fortunate to live in Loreto a charming little town, where the biggest appeal is the magic and intimacy offered by its natural spaces. The progressive evolution of this small community demands an exponential growth of the cultural scene, after a couple of years of learning more about the specific needs of Loreto Mariana Urias and I have agreed to join our aspirations and partner to co-work on enhancing and re-launching the project called “Palmas Altas Field” as the venue where several other projects take place:

Music Club @ «Black Bird Café”, This is a coffee shop with an open air stage where different musicians are invited to perform weekly or during special events (concerts or music festivals).  Outside of regular service hours the Café turns into the music club work space were we host some of the workshops.

Glamping @ Burrows outdoor resort, We have and area inside «Palmas Altas Field»  where six furnished bell-tents (capacity to host up to 4 people per tent) serve as our housing option for future teachers that will come as part of a cultural exchange program.  During the length of our courses the guests (artist or teachers) are given the opportunity to perform at the Café or teach to one or several students attending on a sponsor scholarship or  a pre-paid class.

Loreto keeps attracting musicians that ad to the cultural scene of our community each year. Unfortunately there are not enough stages in town yet, for all of us to make a good living out of music, and we lack a conservatory or a formal music academy where the youth can start a career in music. In looking for a possible solution we have planned the space for the Music Club & Academy, where local and foreign musicians can learn and teach music. This could mean a new source of income to professional performers living in town, and will help the new generations in Loreto to have access to music studies.


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